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The troop meets Monday evenings (Unless otherwise noted) at Trinity Lutheran Church on Jerusalem Avenue in Hicksville.

In addition to Troop meetings, there is at least one monthly weekend activity, which is generally Friday night through Sunday afternoon and one day event. Trips usually depart from the church parking lot. – Please check the calendar for this upcoming events.

Please Note:
Parents should be prompt in picking up their son after the Troop meeting. Troop and Boy Scouts of America policy dictates that no Scout will be left at the meeting without two-deep adult leadership present. A late pickup means that two adults are delayed in getting home to their families.


“The uniform is a steady reminder that you have pledged yourself to the same high ideals of living as have your brother Scouts and that dressed as a Scout, you must act as a Scout. It challenges you to do those things that stamp you in the eyes of the world as a real Scout and it keeps reminding you that you have promised to do your best."

- from the Boy Scout Handbook, Sixth Edition, 1959

Scouts should wear their uniforms to every troop event, unless otherwise instructed.

Class A (Formal)
This is the full, most formal uniform, and is required for all Court of Honors and such events.
It consists of the Class A uniform (defined below), along with a merit badge sash. An OA sash cannot be worn along with a merit badge sash, and the merit badge sash may be worn only over the shoulder - never on the belt. OA sashes are to be worn only at OA functions.

Class A
This is the full uniform and is required for most troop meetings; travel to and from events (unless otherwise instructed), etc. The full Class A uniform is required for Boards of Review (Class AA is also acceptable). This uniform consists of:
  • Scout shirt (long or short sleeve) with correct insignia and badges
  • Scout pants or shorts
  • Scout cloth, nylon or leather belt with Scout buckle
  • Troop neckerchief (see "Neckerchief" below)
  • Closed toe shoes (hiking boots, athletic shoes, dress shoes)
Class B
This is the more casual uniform and is required for informal events such as service projects, as a "fatigue" uniform on campouts, etc.
Troop 291 Tee shirt, or Other BSA / O.A Tee-shirts. BSA pants or shorts or Solid color pants or shorts as indicated for Class A. Un-ornamented blue jeans are acceptable in most situations.

Our troop has its own neckerchief which should be worn with the Class A uniform.
OA Sash
The Order of the Arrow is a prestigious service organization within the framework of the Boy Scouts of America. For those Scouts who are members of the Order of the Arrow, the OA Sash represents special achievement for the Scout. The OA Sash may be worn as a part of the Official Uniform at any “formal” Order of the Arrow meeting or ceremony at the unit, district or council level. The OA Sash should be worn in accordance with guidelines of the Order of the Arrow.

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